Q: Hi there ! I'm new in the world of fashion but very interested but I get lost easily with numbers of brands. I know the main brands but I don't know the merging, the people to follow, etc. Can you help me please?

Happy that you asked! I am really in love with The Whitepepper, Lazy Oaf, and the shoe brand Miista. All of them very fun and colourful brands, doing something different. A personal favourite is Paloma Wool. Beautiful and fresh clothes with a lot of detail put in their website. Also check out Openning Ceremony´s website. They always stock the freshest brands so you can do your research from there. As for people to follow I would check out bloggers, for example Melisa Minca, Ordinary People, and Love Aesthetics. Of course there are hundreds of great bloggers out there, but those are a bit different, and bit more personal. Hope I helped!

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